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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Erin Go Bare

Happy St. Patty's Day, blogosphere!  As a proud Savannah native, I have been bred to consider this one of the greatest holidays ever, which is why I am a tad gloomy today.  New York doesn't recognize the importance of this holiday the way Savannah does.  The streets of NYC will not be swarmed by girls flashing for beads (hence the "Erin Go Bare" post title/Savannah St. Patty's slogan vs. the usual "Erin Go Braugh").  I mean, I am actually sitting at my desk at work right now.  What?!  If I were back in the Hostess City of the South, there would be no work.  There is also no school as all educational facilities strategically time their Spring Break to coincide with St. Patrick's Day.  Why am I staring at a computer screen when, considering it's already 10 AM, I should be 1/2 through drink #2 at this point.

On the upside, I am wearing a skirt today with NO tights.  That's right, it is warm enough to go bare-legged today.  FINALLY!  Can it be?!  Has Spring finally sprung?!

Now the biggest I say "screw it" to being hungover at work tomorrow and go out and celebrate the holiday tonight?  The work hangover is an awful thing, but can I really pass up green beer?


  1. its not a true st pat's w/out our native born cadet kissing, bulldawg woofing, green bead wearing (NOT flashing) daughter of the south! you were missed; is that why the weather was prettier in nyc than sav'h??? its sunnier where ever you are! xxoxo

  2. You didn't have to wear tights to work? I'm only, what, 8 hours south of you? It's still mighty cold in VAB. I missed out on the St. Patty's day celebration too (we celebrated Saturday instead). I ended up spending my evening at a Junior League meeting.



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