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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reality Recap

Apparently there is a new reality show called Pretty Wild that chronicles the lives of three sisters living the crazy life in LA.  I was intrigued because one such sister is named Tess, and I assumed this would make me famous by association, name association that is.  I now realize I don't want to be associated with this chick.  Even without taking the cringe inducing lip piercing into consideration, I gathered I was nothing like this girl.  She and her sisters gallivant around La La Land before returning to be home schooled by their mother (a former playmate who wants nothing more than to see her girls realize her level of nude success) who apparently feels that collages and floral essences (no idea what that is) are the sorts of things you learn in school.  Why she doesn't care that her high school daughters are out until 3 AM is beyond me.  I love trash TV, but this one was too much for me.  I lasted maybe 3.5 minutes before gagging and changing the channel.

But reality tv is not all bad - I love Real Housewives of New York City.  That's it.  Rock on, ladies.  Can't wait to see what shenanigans you get yourselves into next.

While not a reality show, I finally broke down and purchased Season 1, Volume 1 of Glee yesterday, which is basically my favorite show ever.  I have already seen every episode multiple times, yet I still found this purchase to be completely necessary.  This show is like a combo of Election and High School Musical, and it totally works.  If you're not jealous of the fact that I now get to watch this show over and over again whenever I feel like it, then you must never have watched the show.  To that, I say shame on you.  Stop being so lazy and set your DVR to the greatest show ever.

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