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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 3/22 Episode

This week, Lily and Rufus reconcile, but it's clear their future is precarious due to Lily's shifty phone call with CeCe at the end of the show.  But like lil J's V card, that's not the only thing that's uncertain.  Read on for the rest of this week's unanswered questions...
  • How does Jenny somehow manage to get away with these schemes when she makes her sneaky phone calls directly outside her front door?  And how comatose is Rufus that he doesn't overhear this conversation?
  • How has Jenny never heard of Dirty Dancing?  The "too young" excuse doesn't work.  I'm technically too young and yet I've seen it 12,000 times.  Does she not own a TV?  Even if she's not crazy for Swayze, that movie plays on TBS every day (thank goodness).
  • Did anyone notice Chuck's pictures?  He has a total of two.  1) Bart Bass and 2) him and Blair sitting Napolean style (him sitting down with his hand inside his jacket over his breast and her standing over him).  Not like I expected a ton of crazy Spring Break pictures in "friends forever" frames, but for some reason that struck me as weird.
  • Where is Eric?  Maybe he could talk some sense into Jenny.
  • Why does Chuck's mom have a weird accent?  Don't think I didn't notice it before.  I did...I was just hoping (in vain) that she would lose it.
  • What's that animal crawling on Jack Bass' chin?
'Til next week....

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