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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 3/29 Episode

This weeks episode was all about acknowledgement (or lack thereof), read on to see what I mean...
  • Why does nobody acknowledge the fact that Eleanor's been living in Paris?  She comes back and it's like she's been there the whole time...except she hasn't because Serena's been using her apartment as her own private sex den.
  • How did Jenny sober up? Yes it had been a while since the show as they acknowledge it was "late," but she ingested a buttload of pills. Unless they stopped at Lenox Hill Hospital for a quick stomach pump, I'm not buying it.
  • Thank goodness everyone finally acknowledged that B has no friends at NYU.  But it begs the question...does it really matter when all of her real friends from high school miraculously wound up living in NYC anyway?
  • After last year's seder dramz, I would have liked some acknowledgement of Passover...or Cyrus' existence at all. Where is he? What is he doing? INCONCEIVABLE!
  • Yay those girls from Columbia acknowleged that GG still exists!  It was getting weird having her narrate when none of the characters mentioned her anymore.  Yes they idolize Blair, but why are they still rocking the headbands?  Even Blair's moved on.
And now perplexities not related to acknowledgement...
  • Is it tacky to hang a Columbia penant in an NYU dorm room?
  • Wouldn't a designer as successful as Eleanor Waldorf have a workshop?  Why is she turning her beautiful apartment into a sweatshop?
  • What's so brill about Agnes' plan?  Why would Jenny agree it was necessary to flush the pills at the show - that's something that can be done at any bathroom anywhere.  Damien would be just as upset if she flushed his stash alone in a gas station bathroom.
  • Why does Jenny think it's necessary to trade one absurd makeup tactic for another? First racoon eyes, now joker lipstick.  What's wrong with fresh faced makeup?  That's how every other female on the show does it and they all have hot, successful (read: not drug dealing) boyfriends.  Meanwhile, Jenny is left gazing at a picture of Nate on Gossip Girl...perhaps there's a correlation.

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