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Friday, March 12, 2010

Flea Fi Fo Fum

Apparently, Manhattan is about to get a big, new flea market that will rival the Brooklyn Flea, a place I am ashamed to admit I have not yet visited.  Now I won't have to. 

Suchin Pak (of MTV veejay fame) is one of the brains behind the operation, which comforts me because she is from the Glory Days of MTV, back when they actually played music.  Seriously, who's in charge of their programming schedule?  Whenever I scroll through the listings, it seems like Teen Mom 24/7, but I digress...

A flea of this size (60 vendors) would be great to have in my neighborhood.  Well, Hester and Essex isn't exactly my neighborhood, but it's my borough, which is a huge improvement.  Flea markets combine two of my faves: street food and fun, cheap, rando, antique-y finds.  I am now counting down the days til it opens on 4/26 (and will be open 10 AM-6PM, Saturdays and Sundays, April-Dec) - a date that will hopefully provide the nice springtime weather I have been craving, the kind of weather that is perfect for an LES, flea market stroll.

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