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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Last night during our weekly TV night, Brutus' sister Kim whipped out her new toy to prepare a special treat for us.  With Yonanas, you just peel and freeze overripe bananas and then put them through this magical machine to make ice cream.  That's it.  No cream, sugar, or any other ingredients...that is if you like it simple.  You still won't use cream or sugar, but you can always add other fruits, nuts, or chocolate to give your Yonanas some extra character.  Kim made us strawberry banana Yonanas and I couldn't believe how much flavor came out of 2 ingredients.  At only $40, this is cheaper than a regular ice cream maker and as long as you remember to stick the bananas in the freezer 24 hours in advance, it takes no time to churn out tons of ice cream for a party...or just for yourself when the mood strikes.

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