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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Biscuit Baking

I recently had my Mom go over to my Grandma's and have Mildred tell her some of our family recipes.  Mildred is an amazing cook but at 88 years old, someone else needs to learn how to make these recipes or we risk losing them forever.  Unfortunately, most of Mildred's cooking is done from memory.  She has tweaked them over the years so the written recipes are never what she actually ends up cooking.  Even if they were, the "formal" recipes contain a lot of measurements like "some butter" or "flour".  How much flour?  What's "some"?  Basically, my Mom managed to get me a bunch of recipe skeletons and now it's my job to flesh them out.

Mildred's biscuits are perfect, so I was most nervous to take on that recipe, but since they are, as I say, perfect, it was most important for me to figure this one out first.  Since I had the day off work, I made it my MLK Day project.  Because I'm working so hard to preserve the recipe, I'm going to keep it to myself.  Most Southern families have their passed-down biscuit recipe - get your own.

I am proud to say that I'm on the right track, especially when I top them with butter and honey, just like we do at all our family dinners.  When the oven timer went off they seemed undercooked so I left them in and then I think I overshot it.  They kind of crumbled apart when I tried to eat them so I think I need to work on the buttermilk/shortening proportions a bit.  But the flavor was there so I know I'm close.  I won't rest til I can give my family the same amazing biscuits they've enjoyed for generations.

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  1. Let me know if you need an unbiased taste tester...



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