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Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 on Thursday

I've really been enjoying this week of warm weather.  It had been too cold to do anything but sit inside my apartment underneath my favorite blanket with a plate of pad see ew from my favorite Thai takeout spot.  Now that it's become bearable outside, I've found a renewed fervor to get out and enjoy the city.
On Sunday, my black boots officially crapped out.  After three years,  the heels were hurtin and I had worn a hole that went all the way to the sole.  I figured they wouldn't completely fall apart with one more wear so I put them on and took myself directly to the shoe store.  I found these guys on sale for $98 at Aldo and wore them out of the store to test them out on an errand run.  The brown is light enough to wear with both black and brown outfits and the black stripes in back only confirm this.  Since I never got a new pair of brown flat boots after my last pair wore out two years ago, these boots fill two holes in my wardrobe at once.  I still want a pair of black riding boots, but I'll get those at the end of the season (which hopefully isn't that far away) when everything is on super sale.

Matt and Karina went to Morocco for their honeymoon - one of the destinations on my Top 5 wishlist.  I couldn't believe that in between basking in their newly married love, they found time to think of me on the trip and picked out an incredibly thoughtful souvenir.  They brought this gorgeous lantern all the way back to the US for me and even picked it out in the exact blue that decorates my living room.

Apparently it snowed once before in NYC this season, but I was out of town so it doesn't count.  Last Friday, I walked home in the season's first snow.  It really can be magical.

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