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Thursday, January 24, 2013

3 on Thursday

Gotta love short weeks (thank you MLK day)!  Sometimes you just need one less day at the office to keep yourself from going crazy.
I've been looking for a simple gold necklace that I could wear every day.  I wanted something with character, but it needed to be delicate enough that I (someone who feels awkward layering tons of jewelry) could wear it with other pieces.  This was a recent buried bauble at Bauble Bar so I scored it for only $10.

Every year, Karina and her Mom take a trip to Amish Country for a weekend away.  This year, she was kind enough to bring back a sampler of Kitchen Kettle Village jams for me.  I love jams with cheese plates and on the occasional breakfast bread, but I never eat enough to go through a full jar so these minis are perfect.

When I moved I realized I didn't really have any framed pictures in my apartment.  I have a truly amazing set of family and friends who I should be showing off.  The problem has become that no one prints rolls of film anymore.  Everything is just uploaded to facebook, but since most of us don't keep printers around after college, they remain in cyberspace.  The photo feature within the Wallgreens app is going to change that for me.  It pulls pics directly from your phone, whether they're saved in your iPhone's photo album or even on facebook.  This way, you can even print pics that you love but didn't take yourself.  You can pick them up right at Wallgreens about an hour later, timed perfectly with your laundry detergent run.

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