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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 2/21/11 Episode

Ok, so I am WAY behind in my blogging.  I went skiing in Colorado and left everything behind for a long weekend.  I am determined to catch up, starting with my GG recap:

  • Do you ever think the clothes they wear on this show are gorgeous but unrealistic?  Well, Serena was wearing my cocktail ring in this episode - I felt so trendy!  And FYI, it's only $14 so just know you can achieve S's look on a budget.
  • Is it weird I couldn't tell Blair was wearing two different shoes?
  • Ok, Wolman rink does NOT look like that.  Where are all the screaming tourist kids?  Where did the Trump branding go?
  • How did Raina not go to college and is somehow helping her father run his company?  I know Chuck didn't go either, but his daddy's dead.  No billionaire would trust his company to some kid who hasn't even taken Management 101. 
  • Why does Raina think rich kids don't walk when Nate suggests a stroll through Central Park?  The kids on this show are wealthy, not paraplegic - we see them walking all the time.
  • How are Serena and Ben taking it slow?  Serena has never been capable of this before and Ben just spent the last 3 years in prison without conjugal visits (though I'm sure he was getting some action because he looks like he would be someone's bitch in the big house).
  • Why would Eric get a physical checkbook for his Rhodes trust?  Nobody uses checks anymore, especially not for $100K transfers.
It's been a little while since the episode aired, but hopefully I remembered enough for the recap.  More to come!

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