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Friday, March 18, 2011

Hangover Helper

All Savannians know the importance of St. Patrick’s Day.  As home to the country’s second largest St. Patty’s celebration (due in large part to our lack of open container laws), we party hardy for a full week.  Just because I am now a New York resident doesn’t mean I forgot that celebrating in green is paramount on March 17th

I celebrated the Irish holiday by going to a bar called The Australian.  Yes, I recognize the disconnect, but I didn’t pick the place.  I didn’t really care that we were not in a traditional Irish pub once I heard the [hot] Aussie bartenders speak.  Those accents!  Sighhhhh.

I planned to stay for only a couple happy hour drinks, but somehow that turned into a stop at another bar and then karaoke.  My short happy hour became a 1:30 AM night before I knew it.  Needless to say, that meant I was tired and a little hungover when I arrived at work this morning.  I knew we would have our regularly scheduled team breakfast at work this morning, but I didn’t know how great it would be today.  The generous angel in charge of bringing the food this week anticipated the St. Patty’s aftermath and brought in BREAKFAST PIZZA. 

Breakfast pizza was a foreign concept to me, but I am now a fervent supporter of what I believe is a hangover’s best friend.  Plenty of people rely on egg and cheese sandwiches or cold pizza left out from the night before to soothe their aching bodies post-debauchery.  Why not combine?  Behold the bacon, egg, and cheese pizza.  It was unbelievably tasty and oh-so-helpful for the hangover in me.  Ours came from Abitinos, but I’m guessing plenty of pizzarias we’ll concoct it if you ask. 

It’s probably too late for you hungover readers – you’ve probably already tried to nurse your pain with inferior methods like Tylenol and black coffee.  Next time, take it from me: the breakfast pizza is the way to go.  

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