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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 3/8/11 Episode

Gwyneth was back this week as was some great witty banter and a lot of gay revelations:

  • Emma called a penis "the hose monster": +1
  • The worst part of Gwynnie guest starring is that she sings every song.  -3 because although she can sorta carry a tune, her voice does not deserve to be singing nearly everything in the episode and because the songs were not the best matched for the episode.  (Sure they were all about touching, kissing, or afternoon delight-ing, but what song isn't?!)  
  • Sue is picking up coffee because she likes her enimas piping hot.  Apparently she also uses the actual paper packets and two full bottles of simple syrup to sweeten her coffee.  That's raw diva behavior.  +1
  • What about that Warblers song was anything sexier or different from the songs they normally perform?  Good song, but if the point was to diversify their repertoire, they failed.  -2  However, yay for Kurt getting to sing a line of a song and showing us his "sexy" faces! +1
  • Zizes' sex tape/fragrance plan for fame is pretty much spot-on.  +1
  • +1 for giving us a peek into Santana's bedroom which is all black and about as un-Rachel Berry-like as possible.
  • +2 for Kurt's dad getting over the awkwardness, doing the necessary research, and having a frank, realistic conversation with Kurt about [gay] sex.
  • During Emma and Carl's sex talk, Holly Holiday's look of disgust when she finds out they've been married for four months and never had sex is awesome.  Her logic is even better: "He's hot.  You're thirty."  The thirty comment earns it a +1.
Total: 3 --> This episode is the diva equivalent of Pink.  Even when you want to say you don't like her or her songs, you can't help but get into it.

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