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Monday, March 21, 2011

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 3/15/11 Episode

I was leery about an episode featuring original songs, but I was pleasantly surprised by last week's Regionals episode.  Let's see where it landed on the Diva-meter:
  • Quinn got a great, self-absorbed monologue.  I've missed Queen Bee Quinn, the one who calls Rachel Ru Paul and Treasure Trail and those ramblings about prom queen reminded me how fun that girl was. +2
  • I'm glad Kurt said what everyone else has been thinking about Blaine's many [albeit perfect] solos...but then when Kurt automatically gets to sing in the duet, don't you think all the Warblers were like WTF?!  They get a brief moment of "Finally - our turn!" only to have Blaine finish by saying he's not going to not sing, but he'll be so magnanimous as to let someone [of his choosing]  do it with him. -2
  • Sue calls Brittany and Santana Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Fake Boobs.  +1 because Jabs at Santana's store-bought knockers never get old and I think they send a good message to teens.
  • Gay kiss!  No points just because there's gay kissing, but they do get +1 because I think it was Kurt's first kiss.
  • Brittany's favorite song is "My Headband". +1
  • Sue throwing sticks at Mercedes and walking around with an armload of kindling is random and kinda awesome.  +1
  • Quinn's speech to Rachel about she and Finn's future, depressing life is sad and realistic.  +2
  • All the songs in this episode were pretty solid.  Somehow they managed to be all be plot relevant and anthemic (glad the writers didn't forget they had thrown that in there a few episodes ago).  "Loser Like Me" was a tad too High School Musical for my taste, but it worked. +2
  • Not a fan of Kathy Griffin here.  Her acting is not great and they should have thought of much better lines for a Jesus freak than the ones they gave her.  (Remember the pageant queen from last year: "those deaf kids weren't singing they were just honking") -2
  • The woman announcing the winners is wasted.  +1
  • The New Directions' MVP Award is a gold star trophy.  That's kinda Rachel's thing.  +1
Total: 8 --> This episode is the diva-equivalent of J Lo.  You hear her name and you're pretty much like "Yup, she's a diva.  And I love it."

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