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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 2/22/11 Episode

Aaaand it's back to back Gleecap time.  Last week's episode was phenomenal and after this week's diva-meter, you'll see why I feel that way:

  • When Figgins calls Will into his office to tell him about the epidemic, Will is clearly distraught about what a lice outbreak would mean for his hair.  +2.
  • I'm not feelin' Rachel's Little House on the Prairie outfit.  -1 because even though she always dresses a little funky, this is just one step too far.  
  • +1 goes to Rachel's gay Dads (who I am DYING to meet, by the way) because they have an Oscar den, aka: every gay man's dream.
  • The songs are irrelevant and I would normally penalize for that, but I'm willing to overlook it due to the entirely realistic portrayal of high school drinking.  It all reminded me of the scene at high school parties.  And college parties.  Who am I kidding, last weekend.  +6
    • Wine coolers
    • One girl (Santana) sitting on the sidelines during spin the bottle, yelling at the people playing
    • Finn's rundown of the archetypes of drunk girls
  • I thought Mr. Shu's drunk dial would end up going to Figgins.  Sue is a great 2nd choice, but I'm still giving it a -1.
  • Great dancing during "Tik-Tok".  +1 because it was so good, I almost didn't mind that the song was interrupted by projectile vomit.
  • Santana is too cool and way too ghetto to say "cool beans".  I don't care how great it is that Will offers to pick the students up if they falter on their no-alcohol pledge; people from Lima Heights Adjacent don't say "cool beans".  -1
  • The hangover was accurate, but they left out the inevitable "ha ha remember when..." convos.  -1 because we all know the only reason to drink is so you can recap the events with your friends the next day.
  • Is Rachel's wine bottle (of rose, might I add) bedazzled?  +2
  • Kurt and Blaine are starting to spend a lot of time in the coffee house.  It deserves a name like Breadstix.  No points here or there, just an observation.
  • Rachel wants to date Blaine so the two of them can have "vaguely Eurasian" babies.  +1
Total: 10 --> This episode is the diva equivalent of Rhianna.  Edgy (like the alcohol consumption in this episode) and catchy (like Rachel's new catch phrase, "it tastes like pink!").

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