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Monday, March 7, 2011

I Wish Awash

On Saturday evening, Podz texted me that she just discovered an Ethiopian restaurant in her neighborhood.  We had just been talking about how we love Ethiopian food but there are only two restaurants in NYC.  Scratch that; apparently there are three.  I said we should definitely check it out sometime.  Wait a minute - sometime?  I didn't have any plans on Sunday, did Podz?  Why put off an opportunity to try a new restaurant if we're both free?  Turns out, she was free for supper so we set a date.

I had a little trouble finding the restaurant.  I probably should have familiarized myself with the 1/2/3 subway line because I didn't realize the 2/3 part of it split off and I wound up lost in Harlem.  After my 30-40 minute detour, I arrived at Awash extra hungry.

We started with a meat sambusa appetizer.  It was ground meat and spices stuffed in a phyllo dough wrap and served with a mustardy sauce (made with chickpeas, perhaps?).  We decided to go with a combo platter for the main course because we figured we would get the best bang for our buck.  For only $25, we shared the combo platter for two which included two meats and three veggies.  For the meats, we chose special tibs (beef in peppers and onions) and doro wat (chicken in berbere sauce) and for the veggies we picked cabbage and carrots, collards, and ground chick peas.  Everything was great.  We went through almost all of the extra sponge bread they brought us because we just couldn't stop eating.  I'm glad Podz decided to peek up from the laundromat an get a good look at her surroundings this weekend because it meant we discovered a great new place.

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