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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 2/15/11 Episode

I was sitting down to recap last week's Diva-meter when I realized I never recapped the episode from two week's ago.  How irresponsible of me!  Well then, let's get right down to it.

  • The to-do list Rachel has posted in her locker includes the following (+4):
    • Celine Dion's birthday
    • Friend request Barbara Streisand.  Again.
    • Anne Margaret in concert <3
  • The first Bieber song ("Baby Baby Baby") was good...until Sam kinda ruined it with his dance moves.  -1
  • When Rachel mentions Kurt and the Warblers, Sue gazes longingly and says "sweet Porcelain".  +1
  • Puck's fake bangs in their Bieber band are not my fave.  -1 for making me imagine him without that sexy mohawk.
  • They're singing a song from Rent! +1
  • Last season, Quinn tells Finn she got pregnant because sperm swim faster in a hot tub.  Not sure how she didn't lose all credibility after that whopper, but somehow she still gets away with telling Sam she was saving Finn's life because he was choking on a gumball, not kissing him.  +1 because only a diva can make that believable.
  • When Zises is picturing the crowd in their underwear, she sees Sue in a dominatrix outfit.  +2
  • And in another +1 for Sue, I was loving that her plaid tracksuit in the My Chemical Romance number, "Sing".  
  • When Rachel tries to convince the New Directions crew they need to write their own song to win regionals, she says it's to beat Kurt and Blaine's "one-two punch".  -2 because Kurt hasn't sung a single note since joining the Warblers and I kinda miss him.
Total: 6 --> This episode is the diva equivalent of Mandy Moore.  Not bad, but all that Bieber and the Zises solo (let's face it, she's freakin' awesome, but her voice doesn't match the others) was just too sticky sweet, like "Candy".

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