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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Smile to Go

Everyone complains about jury duty, but I'm sure they would be singing a different tune if they realized how close the courthouse is to Smile to Go.  I've written about The Smile before and would go as far to say it's one of my favorite spots in the city, but until now had not had the opportunity to check out their take-out operation.  It's everything I love about Smile - fresh vegetables, light Mediterranean flavors, and a wide selection of both sweet and savory baked goods - all in a cute to-go shop.

They have four small two-person tables so I set up shop during my lunch break.  I checked read my book and responded to work emails between bites of marinated kale with apples, crunchy carrots with avocado, sesame, and poppy seed, and lamb meatballs.  All this while listening to doo-wop in the background.

While The Smile is usually top of mind for me, I'm sure I'll forget about this to-go spot when I'm in the neighborhood.  I'm not giving my memory much credit, but hopefully it will prove me wrong.  For now, I already know where I'll be going for lunch tomorrow while I wait to find out if I'm selected for the jury.  I may even stop in for coffee and a pastry on my way to the courthouse in the morning.

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