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Monday, April 22, 2013

Gorilla Cheese

Food trucks have recently deemed the front of my office building a good place to park, which means temptation is now ever-present.  I had resisted for quite some time, which was easy since I typically bring my lunch to work.  On Thursday, however, I just didn't have time to make my turkey and cheese sandwich.  Sure, I could do the right thing and get a healthy salad or the cheap thing and go down to my building's cafeteria but if anyone tries to tell me that's better than going to a grilled cheese truck, I will laugh in their face.

The Gorilla Cheese Truck makes all kinds of grilled cheese - something for every kind of cheese lover.  I was having a tough time deciding between the #5 and the #8 so I asked the guy in the truck window for a little advice.  He said the smoked gouda with bbq pulled pork and caramelized onions is the best thing they make so there was my decision.  I ordered it as a $10 combo, which comes with tots and a drink.  I actually made mine a $13 combo by adding bacon and cheese whiz to my tots because once you know that's an option, there's no turning back.  

The bread on the grilled cheese got a perfect, buttery, crisp crust.  The sandwich was dang good, but there was more pork than cheese.  Perfect ratio if you're calling it a pork sandwich, but can that qualify as a grilled cheese?  The tots were great, but the whiz and bacon may have put me over the edge.  Next time I'll just add one of their $.50 dipping sauces instead so I'm not full til next Thursday.  I'm glad I got to try Gorilla Cheese while it's still National Grilled Cheese Month.  Celebrating a holiday - any holiday, apparently - makes me feel all patriotic.   

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