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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pea Shoots with Burrata, Blueberries, and Pine Nuts

Made Weekly is a new favorite tumblr where blogger Rachel picks one ingredient per week and incorporates it into a new recipe each day.  Last week's secret ingredient was pea shoots and I was determined to make one of the dishes.  Did you know pea shoots can be used as more than just a garnish for fancy dishes like velout√© or free range sea bass mumbo jumbo?  You did?  Well I didn't so tone down the pedantic 'tude.

I did a twist on this recipe, substituting blueberries for grapes and - zut alors! - was it good.  Don't leave out the salt because otherwise the blueberries will be too sweet for the dish.  I could put burrata in almost any salad and be a happy lil chickadee but particularly enjoyed it with the pea shoots, which it turns out I am just as capable of using as those upscale restaurant chefs.  They're basically sprouts so they've already found their way into the sandwich I brought to work yesterday.

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