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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Avocado Cabbage Rollups

Savoy cabbage: it's not just for cole slaw anymore.  I found that it is a great stand-in for lettuce when it comes to making wraps.  Because it's thicker than lettuce, the leaves tend to come off the head whole, without tearing, which means none of your filling will fall out.  No messy spillage makes me even more eager to make healthy veggie wraps as a side dish.

This weekend, I built my cabbage wraps around avocado basically because I wanted an excuse to eat avocado.  In addition to the avocado, I filled the cabbage leaves with julienned carrot sticks, basil, and blue cheese (I actually found this sweet gorgonzola dolce that worked very well in the dish).  I served it with honey mustard because a dipping sauce seemed imperative in this situation.  Y'all, it's honey and mustard.  If you're not making it regularly, you're wasting the ingredients I know you already have in your pantry and leaving some poor cabbage wrap or chicken finger undressed.

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