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Thursday, April 25, 2013

3 on Thursday

Between post-work cocktails, a Broadway show, trivia night, and an out of town visitor, I am ready for my [comparatively] calm weekend.
I was lucky enough to get invited to see Ann through work, which means I have now seen my first on-woman show.  I was worried it would get boring having just one person standing on a stage for two hours, but they managed to keep it lively by alternating between speaking directly to the audience and stepping into a flashback-esque sequence.  The boredom is also cut by the sheer fact that Holland Taylor is a great actress.  For someone who typically has a very formal, almost affected way of speaking, she adopted quite the Texas accent to portray Texas' ball-busting, sassy former Governor, Ann Richards.  I was even more impressed when I realized Taylor also wrote the show.  This may not be a spectacle of a musical, but it was a delight to watch.

Andrew and I were originally going to go somewhere expected, like a nearby happy hour, for a long overdue catch up session.  But then Andrew sheepishly suggested we go to a bathhouse, giving me full veto power if I was weirded out by the idea.  Since I'm always up for something different I gave a hearty "why not?" and packed my bathing suit when I left for work.  The Russian and Turkish Baths has been in the East Village since the late 1800s...and I'm pretty sure they haven't updated the facilities since then.  Believe it or not, that's actually part of its charm.  I fully expected to be sandwiched between some overweight,bald, hairy Russians and my prayers were answered, but there were actually all sorts of people there - and only some were heavily accented.  I sweated it out in all the various rooms and even tried the ice bath.  I felt renewed when I left.  For $35 it's a steal of an activity that I'll definitely repeat.
One of many downsides to having my purse stolen was losing the phone that I had inside.  The upside to losing my phone, however, meant I had the opportunity to pick out a new iPhone case.  So many options!  My last case was super boring - I picked it up when I got the phone and it was a very simple black.  Yawn.  This time I got a great ikat pattern from my favorite store, C Wonder, in my second favorite color, navy.

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