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Thursday, April 4, 2013

3 on Thursday

It turns out I was dismissed after day one of jury duty.  There's a lot of whining involved with jury duty, but I always thought being part of the judicial process seemed cool.  I was also Captain of my high school Mock Trial team so perhaps it's me just trying to recapture my youth.  After my experience, I wouldn't classify it as "cool" since it's just a lot of waiting around, but I still found it interesting and I had the time to get lots of reading done.
Just across the street from Smile To Go is a store I am newly obsessed with.  Michele Varian carries all sorts of curiosities from painted antique hatchets to wine glasses.  I found plenty of things I wanted to buy right then and there but decided to go home and think about it to avoid going broke.

I'm preppy.  Whoa!  Newsflash!  As such, I'm a pretty big fan of Kate Spade.  I like her simple cuts and patterns and how happy all of her products feel.  Well if regular Kate Spade is happy, Kate Spade Saturday, a new line, is downright punchy.  Lots of bright colors and bold (yet somehow still simple) patterns defines the brand.  I plan to buy some pillows this weekend and have my eye on a few other items.  
When I got out of the subway at Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall, I was excited to see the huge, stately courthouse buildings.  Massive columns!  Rocky-type steps!  The weight of justice being served fairly hanging in the air!  Unfortunately, I served jury duty in a less dignified building - some would even say dingy - but it was still cool to see all the other buildings and remember just how far back our country's laws stretch.

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