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Thursday, March 21, 2013

3 on Thursday

My Mom arrives this morning and my Daddy is following suit early tomorrow morning.  I am so excited to see them and have so many fun NYC activities planned.  I only wish it actually felt like Springtime for their visit - below 40 degrees is not ideal but we'll certainly make it work.
JC Penney has several great designer collaborations going on right now.  I thought Target had the market cornered on this sort of thing, but JCP has entered the game with gusto.  My favorite is the Happy Chic collection by Jonathan Adler.  I'm a big Jonathan Adler fan.  I love his preppy mod look but can rarely afford it.  The items he's selling at JCP are just as great as those he has in his store but at a fraction of the price.  I've found quite a few things I plan to order and intend to go nuts on the website this weekend.
Yacht Rock came to town last weekend and played at Gramercy Theatre, their biggest venue yet.  I grabbed my aviators and nautical attire and danced the night away on the front row to the soothing sounds of Hall and Oates.

Before heading to the Yacht Rock concert, I had my fellow attendees over for food and drinks.  I wanted to make some sort of signature cocktail but didn't want to mess with a bunch of ingredients and decided European style flavored sodas were the way to go.  Round one was sparkling blueberry and round two went to sparkling blood orange (my personal preference).  I mixed them with Brooklyn Republic vodka, a gift from my brother at my I Heart NYC housewarming party.  You can see the Brooklyn Bridge through the bottle so it's a great gift for a New Yorker.  The sodas came from Trader Joe's which means they were pretty inexpensive.  Since the juice is already sparkling, there's no need to add soda - you cut out a step!  The bottles are also very pretty so it looks nice sitting on the bar.

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