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Thursday, March 14, 2013

3 on Thursday

After weeks of crazy, I latched onto a week with few plans and didn't let go.  Sure, I have a happy hour planned tonight and a concert/night out on Saturday, but that's far more relaxing than the last few weeks.  For sanity's sake, I promised myself I wouldn't add anything else to the schedule.  I've actually managed to keep my promise and have felt myself return to normal human being status.
This guy, Murad Osmann, uses most of his Instagram account to chronicle his girlfriend leading him around the world in a series he calls "Follow Me."  The concept is genius and the pictures are a mix of quirky and breathtaking.  Follow him immediately.

On my travels to other cities, I've noticed that not everybody is kind enough to place a trash can on every corner like they do in NYC, which leaves you walking around places like DC with a cumbersome Starbucks cup that contains the remains of your iced skinny vanilla latte.  Philly takes it two steps further with their receptacles.  Not only do they have trash cans, but they are paired with recycling.  Even better, they're all painted which makes keeping the streets litter-free a fun activity for all. 

After walking around the funky South Street area of Philly, we headed down 9th Street towards the Italian market.  Gone were the murals of the artsy district and up went the neon signs advertising fresh meat, cheese, and fish.  We went inside just about every storefront, but the group favorite was the Di Bruni Brothers store.  The gourmet market opened in 1939 and has since expanded to a second, larger location, but the original still has heart...and plenty of cheese, olives, and preserved lemons.  I made a beeline for the case in the back that held the handmade burrata, one of my new favorites.  As you can see above, it's wrapped with a ribbon as it should be because it was my ultimate gift.  The outside was firm while the inside so creamy.  It's the best of both cheese worlds in one package.  So glad we stopped for a cooler so we didn't have to leave all of these wonderful Italian goodies in Philly.

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