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Friday, October 12, 2012

Smoke and Barrel

When three Southerners reunite, we can't help but to indulge our Southern stomachs, even if we've creeped up North.  After a day of heavy drinking, Sliz and Puckett took me to their favorite DC bbq and bourbon, Smoke and Barrel in Adams Morgan to cap off the evening.  Points right off the bat for the name.  I love a witty epithet.

I don't know much about bourbon except that I like it.  I typically mix mine with diet coke, but I know enough to know how embarrassing it would be to order the good stuff prepared that way.  However, I don't know much about the real deal so I deferred to Puckett who ordered me a couple fingers (two? three?...who's counting) of Four Roses.  The waiter was kind enough to bring me a glass of ice on the side when I voiced my fears about not being man enough to drink it neat.  Puckett, on the other hand, allowed me just one cube and told me to grow a pair.  I enjoyed my fancy drink and left the restaurant feeling a little manlier.

When it came to the food, they smoke some good bbq but also serve it in some interesting ways.  While Puckett went with the sandwich and sides, I got a salad topped with bacon, blue cheese, and pulled pork, and Liz got bbq tacos.  From classic to creative, all plates were cleaned.  Even without the sauce, the bbq was moist and tasted like it just came out of the smoker.  Knowing there's good bbq and whiskey means DC is allowed to be on my "places I'd be willing to live" list.

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