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Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 on Thursday

I still can't stop thinking about how wonderful Steph and Gav's wedding weekend was so today's 3 on Thursday is the Ricciardi/Kaufmann Wedding Edition.  Enjoy!
With 13 bridesmaids, Steph had to pick something that everyone could enjoy as her bridesmaid gift.  She picked out three patterns of a LeSportsac tote and each girl got the color that best suited her.  I think the blue stripe/green polka dot one I got is just perfect for me.  As if a really nice tote bag isn't enough (and it is), she also gave us each a bottle of prosecco and a navy bracelet (to match our dresses) with an infinity charm (because we'll be friends for infinity, get it?).  I don't need any sort of thank you for being in Steph's wedding.  For a friend like that, bridesmaid duties are an honor, not a chore...but that won't stop me from wearing my new tote proudly!

On our way to the wedding, Courtny and I stopped in Boston for lunch and a quick stop at the MAC store.  Courtny needed to pick up some eyeliner and I took the opportunity to get some eyeshadow and a tutorial on how to do a smoky eye.  Karina requested a smoky eye look for her wedding and I am completely lost when it comes to makeup.  I absolutely loved the final result and since my hair was in a bun at the time, I was pretty sure I looked like Black Swan.  Unfortunately, the makeup artist put some liner and makeup on the inside of my bottom eyelid which resulted in a film over my contacts and complete loss of vision.  Before I realized what was causing it, I was freaking out a bit and pulling out the phone book to call the doctor.  Of course, I paused the healthcare to take a picture of my gorgeous eyes so I could document how good I once looked because that's way more important than being able to see.  Now that I have photo evidence, I can re-create it for Matt and Karina's wedding...minus the impaired vision.  

Not the best picture, but I got falsies for the wedding (the eyelash kind, not the boob kind).  I am not obsessed.  My eyes were all...POW.  I felt just like a Kardashian.  Sooo worth the $20 to look that glam.  I might just have to do it again for Matt and Karina's wedding.  Anybody know of any good places to get this done in NYC...preferably in Murray Hill?

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