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Thursday, October 18, 2012

3 on Thursday

Depressed.  That's how I feel now that Matt and Karina's wedding weekend has come and gone.  It was pretty much the best weekend ever, and I want to repeat it in full every week.  I was surrounded by all my family and friends for four and a half days.  Add top shelf liquor, serious dancing, and gorgeous surroundings, and I challenge you to top it.  Enjoy this week's Manhattan wedding edition of 3 on Thursday!
Because the wedding was held in an very formal setting, Matt and Karina wanted the exact opposite for the rehearsal dinner.  They chose Hill Country for some down and dirty bbq that would appeal to the primarily Southern guests.  I have to hand it to Hill Country - they did a fabulous job.  The food and signature cocktails were great, the private room   was perfect, and the staff was a pleasure to work with.  I must give a special shoutout to head manager Seth who would stop at nothing to make sure my video worked when it seemed all was lost.  He went above and beyond so that I could properly roast Matt.  I also loved the centerpieces.  Sunflowers [and other flowers I don't know] lined the table in mason jars and beer bottles.  They were perfect for the space.

The wedding and reception was at Guastavino's, a breathtaking venue underneath the 59th Street bridge.  Yup, those pillars are holding the bridge up.

Matt and Karina's first dance was exactly how I want mine to be.   Instead of being all formal and counting their steps, they were entirely natural.  Full of dips and hip swishing, the dance was true to their personalities and kinda sexy.  I have never seen such wide smiles.  Congratulations!!!

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