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Thursday, October 25, 2012

3 on Thursday

I thrive in a busy environment, but after a month of living inside the belly of a whale of busy, I am ready for things to slow down a bit.  Things have become blissfully normal.
After I posted a picture on Twitter of me sipping my coffee (not the one pictured above), the coffeecupview tumblr asked if they could use my photo for their site.  Wary that this was a porn scheme, I checked out the site to make sure I wasn't getting myself into something I would regret.  Not only did I determine the site was legit, I got lost scrolling through the peaceful images of coffee cups all over the world.  I guess an addiction to caffeine is universal.  

A new favorite site is Design Taxi.  It aggregates news within the creative and design world and the breadth of topics covered is wide.  On Tuesday, for instance, top stories included designers' versions of Disney princess dresses, Jack Daniels' white whiskey, and a graphic designer's resignation letter.

I became a fan of Jennifer Westfeldt's movie writing skills when I first saw "Kissing Jessica Stein" in high school.  She's done it again with "Friends with Kids," this time taking on the additional role of director.  It's an unconventional love story between two platonic friends who decide raising a baby together is the best way to avoid the disintegration of fun and love they've seen happen within the marriages of their friends with children.  It is a funny and touching story that hits on the realities of family life both in general and in Manhattan.  Rent it.       

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