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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Sticky Situation

You'd think a girl who is not a big fan of sticky buns would steer clear of a restaurant that serves only that. Normally, that would be true, but the flavors just sounded so darn good that I had to give Jane's Sweet Buns a try.  It was risky going to a restaurant that serves only a food item I don't really care for, but you know me, always jumping at the chance to try the new, hot place - and at only a month old with write ups from New York Magazine, Urban Daddy, and more, this is definitely a new, hot place.

What sort of flavors could be so appealing to me?  That would be ones that incorporate booze, of course.  Podz and I decided to get two flavors and split them.  I can't remember the names of our specific buns and they are not listed on the website, but I can tell you that one was made with ginger, lime, and rum buttercream and the other had a blackberry, gin, and lemon zest cream cheese frosting.  Three days later and I still couldn't tell you which I liked better - they were that good.  Part of why I don't typically like sticky buns is because I have never been a frosting gal.  I hate when too much is piled on top and don't like that the bun usually dries out without it.  At Jane's Sweet Buns, the frosting is perfectly proportioned and our particular choices included citrus, which cut the super sweetness that usually deters me from frosting.  I am a sticky bun convert.

Service-wise, I think there are a few kinks to work out.  While they did have the forethought to set out wet-naps, most of the other little things were forgotten.  When it came to coffee, they only had Sugar in the Raw, which just doesn't dissolve well.  It also seemed like the milk for the coffee was limited to whatever they had leftover in the fridge.  When all you serve are breakfast pastries, you should be prepared to have the coffee situation fully covered.  We also had to ask for our sticky buns warmed up.  Who wouldn't want them warm?  Sure, these problems are small and will not keep me from going back for more, but I'm hoping they fix them for the perfect sticky bun experience.

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