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Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 on Thursday

After a couple weeks of late nights and early mornings at work, we made it through through today's client presentation and I can finally relax and sleep.  Oh sleep, I've missed you.  Did you miss me?  I can't wait to close my peepers in a few short minutes (which, incidentally, would be about hours earlier than when I got home from work last night) but before I do, I wanted to fill you in on what helped me make it through this arduous week:
While everyone else got gallon jugs of water, flashlights, and non-perishable food, I picked up cheese, baguette, and antipasti.  If I go down in Hurricane Irene, I want to be well fed.  I picked up a great aged gouda called Robusto that was firm with a crystal-y texture.  I also wanted something from the other end of the texture spectrum so I got a local triple cream.  It was the perfect appetizer and I could feel my work worries fading away with each bite.

I discovered Whole Foods' hummus a few months ago.  The packaging may be boring, but the flavor is authentic and the consistency smooth.  My current favorite is the jalapeno, which is not super spicy but can really make a sandwich special.

I ran into H&M on Saturday and aside from pretending I didn't see someone who works in my office, I bought this skirt for $6,  That's at full price.  I have a feeling I'll be going back for more colors.  Since I'm not fashion forward, I've consulted magazines to figure out how to make a cute outfit.  I'm thinking tight white shirt, cardigan, and booties.

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