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Monday, August 29, 2011

'Cane Party

As a native of New Orleans, Susan knows hurricanes.  It was only fitting she and Greg threw a hurricane party on Saturday while we were all stuck indoors, anticipating the onslaught of Hurricane Irene’s wind and rain that turned out to be little more than a drizzle.  We blasted “Come on Eileen” (changing the words to “Come on Irene” because we’re corny witty), played Taboo, and drank hurricanes in the hurricane.  It was a successful party by any standard but made more impressive by our determination to cook after battling hundreds of crazed New Yorkers at the grocery store.  In case you’re wondering what is most important to Manhattanites during a natural disaster that is likely to take out electricity, I can tell you the top two items I spied in people’s buggies at Food Emporium were beer and sushi.  Priorities.

The action started around 2:15, which is when Greg handed me my first bloody mary, prepared with juice shipped from New Orleans and garnished with spicy pickled green beans and okra.  Next came Matt and Jen’s bakery purchase: lard bread.  Yup, there is actually such a thing as lard bread and it’s phenomenal.  It’s this greasy, yeasty, bread with chunks of pork.  Manna from heaven is what it really is.  Or it would be if the Jews walking the dessert had eaten pork.  Matt also prepared a baked gouda with homemade jalapeno jelly.  I’m not sure how Matt finds the time to make jelly from scratch and tend to all those urology patients.  I don’t plan to ask for fear that he reprioritizes and decides jelly no longer makes the cut.  The final appetizer was a product of my kitchen: Southwestern artichoke dip.  Very similar to regular artichoke heart dip, but with corn, paprika, and cayenne added.  I followed the recipe I got from Big Girls Small Kitchen, but I think it could have used a little more cayenne.  Definitely something to remember for next time since I plan to make it again.  It was a great way to mix up a good but expected party recipe.  For the main course, Greg and Susan prepared shrimp and sausage gumbo as an homage to Katrina, the hurricane that set the bar.  After that, we had a small interlude where we sipped on Hurricanes and let the food settle before we tackled dessert, Jen’s peach cobbler.  All the food was amazing though I think the pancakes we had as a movie snack put me over the edge.

Of course, I’ll take any excuse to party, but I think a weather emergency is the best yet.  If you’re forced to stay inside, why not have fun with it?!
Southwestern Dip

Any food with lard in the title is bound to be good

Baked Gouda with Homemade Jalapeno Jelly
It actually tasted like banana bread.  Does this mean I can have it for breakfast?

I figured this was appropriate for a hurricane party - if we're all gonna die, we should be drinking Dead Guy Ale
Hurricanes for the Hurricane


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