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Monday, August 1, 2011

In the Know at Yeung II

Since Steph's sister was in town this weekend, I made the trek to Hoboken for dinner on Saturday night.  The night started with a couple Skinny Girl Margaritas at the apartment and then we took wine and sake bomb ingredients to Yeung II, a BYOB sushi place around the corner from Steph and Gav's apartment.  The sushi was good and we ordered enough of it that they brought it to the table in a giant boat with a blinking light, eliciting oohs and ahhs from the kids at the table next to us.  I may not be cool in Manhattan, but in Hoboken, children think I am a sushi goddess.

The best part of the meal came after Gavin sweet talked the waitress.  He asked what the real deal food was and she brought out the soup the cooks made that night for their own meal.  Every night it's different, but if you make friends with the staff, they'll offer you whatever off-the-menu dish they prepared.  On Saturday, the chefs happened to be making soup from the day's leftovers.  The beauty of this soup was that it was what the Chinese chefs (yes, Chinese in a Japanese restaurant) were making for themselves.  They were not trying to accommodate Western tastes; they just threw a little bit of everything into a pot and spiced it to their liking.  This soup was made from fish stock and had beef, tofu, and vegetables floating amidst the spicy broth.  We may have picked the restaurant for sushi, but this was by far the best thing we tasted.


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