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Monday, August 1, 2011

Burgers and [True] Blood

Burgers and corn salad.  Those two things sound like perfect Summer Sunday fare.  I'm not sure how Andrew knew I had been craving burgers all week - perhaps he tapped into Sookie's telepathic powers since we were meeting for our weekly True Blood dinner.  ESP aside, Andrew's real superpower is cooking up a great meal.  The corn had been perfectly grilled and tossed with red onion and mint.  The lamb burger was massive and although andrew was unhappy with the tomatoes, I thought they were perfect.  He was bummed he couldn't manage to master the perfect, thick, grilled tomato - they kind of fell apart.  For me, I thought it was one of those happy accidents, like penicillin.  The burger was already so thick that I wouldn't have been able to open my mouth wide enough had a thick tomato been piled on top.  What we got instead was more of a smoky tomato relish that absorbed the meat drippings and was easily spreadable on the bun.  The bun, may have been my favorite part of the burger.  Andrew had toasted Norwegian rye rolls he found at the market that day.  I didn't know Norway was big on bread, but I'll award it the rank of #2 Norwegian export, the first being the band A-ha.

As far as my recap goes, I am thrilled (as I am sure every female HBO viewer was) that Sookie and Eric finally hooked up.  A full on nude romp in the woods and even talk of love - it's what we've all been waiting for!  After showing enough boobies in that episode to keep the men happy - my dinner companion included - it was about time True Blood gave the women something to squeal about.  Other thoughts on the episode:

  • I don't care about a Hoyt/Jason/Jessica love triangle.  I think Jessica and Hoyt are too cute together.  
  • When is Sookie going to let Eric call her "mine"?
  • Pam needs to check herself before she wrecks herself.  She has always been my favorite character, but she needs to redirect her anger away from Lafayette and toward the crazy old Spanish witch who just possessed a woman.

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