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Thursday, August 4, 2011

3 on Thursday

It's started.  Work has gotten busy.  I definitely needed everything from today's 3 on Thursday to remind me to keep a little fun and whimsy in my life...or else I'll go insane.
I have no idea how sangria from a paper carton will taste, but I'll try anything once.  I'm no alcohol snob, but I probably would have thought "white trash" had I seen it in the store, but I would like to be proven wrong.  Love their slogan: "Viva la fiesta!"

I forget how nice it is that I live right around the corner from Serendipity.  It may be a tourist destination, but there is no denying they make a spectacular frozen drink as well as good "regular" food.  You feel like you're sitting in Wonderland, waiting for the Cheshire Cat to appear atop one of the many Tiffany lamps.  This restaurant is a must for all girly girls, at least once.  Instead of waiting in line like everyone else, I just put my name down and run a quick errand.  (In Saturday's case, that "errand" was shopping the Bloomies sale.)  Amy is slurping on the peanut butter frozen hot chocolate.  About 7 seconds after this photo was taken, all that was left were a few remnant chocolate shavings.

News to me: every Wednesday evening during the summer there is free music in Madison Square Park (aka: Madison Square Music).  Last night, the Latin music was so good, people were abandoning their umbrellas and dancing in the rain.

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