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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Peace Out 2010. It Was Nice Knowing You...Not.

2010, you were simply ok.  Sure, we had some good times, but there were moments when you pretty much blew (and here, I'm talking about that pesky little breakup we had to endure).  So you know what, I'm not all that upset to say goodbye to you.  2011, I am trusting you'll make 2010 your bitch.  To get you started on the right track, here are my new year's resolutions:
  1. Cook one new recipe per week and cross one restaurant off my list each week.
  2. Use up more of my vacation days.  It's silly to just let them rot.  At the very least, I pledge to take one or two random days off each month to just relax, run errands, and maintain my sanity.
  3. Finish decorating my apartment.  I mean, I've only been there for two and a half years, what's the rush?
  4. Write a book.  Gotta put one lofty goal on the list.
  5. Big shocker: go to the gym more.  Betcha never heard that one before.
So there we go.  Nothing too crazy on the agenda.  2011, I look forward to making your acquaintance.

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