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Saturday, January 22, 2011

At Least I Did Something Today...

When my iMentor event was cancelled today, I decided to take advantage of the extra free time to...stay in bed all day.  By the time the clock struck 5:00 PM and I had caught up on all the tv I had missed this week, I decided it was time to get dressed.  What was the rush, right?!  I looked online and found a couple recipes I wanted to try and headed to Whole Foods to pick up the ingredients.

I thought Sunday evening was supposed to be the big grocery shopping time, but apparently 5:30 PM on Saturday is pretty popular, too.  When I was ready to check out at the Union Square location, the line stretched all the way to the front door.  It was daunting but too late to turn back - I had a great meal to start cooking!

I made a shrimp and artichoke casserole that wasn't specifically Southern, but reminded me of something my Mommy would make.  In the lowcountry, we love our casseroles, and shrimp are part of just about every meal.  This particular casserole didn't take much time to put together, but the ingredients - though few - are all so flavorful.  I matched the creamy casserole with a crunchy side dish: roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts with orange.  The citrus gave the veggies the necessary pop to compete with the casserole.

I wish the pics came out better, but I was in a rush.  No time to be Ansel Adams when there's a girls night about to go down.  West Village, I am well fed and ready to party.

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