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Monday, January 24, 2011

Automatic for the People

Once again, Saturday night was girls night.  We went in with a plan: a little champy with Em and Shelby at their apartment and then out to explore the west side.  Typically, Raychel and I are east side gals, but since the West Village is just a hop skip ad jump away from their Chelsea apartment, it just made sense.  Of course, we went to Diablo Royale straight from the apartment.  Emily, Shelby, and their other roomie Diana pretty much live there and are besties with the bartender.  After a michelada and jalapeno tequila shot, we decided to head to the featured bar of the night.

The goal was to try a new bar and although Automatic Slims isn't a new bar, none of us had ever been.  Rachel (different than the first one mentioned) met up with us while at Diablo and convinced us that Automatic Slims was worthy of an appearance, locking up the decision to go.  This tiny bar has red and black checkerboard floors and whitewashed walls, which seems pretty perfect for this Bulldawg.  Also perfect: the music.  They play a good mix of 80s and 90s, with a few top 40 mixed in - just right for a dance party, which is exactly what ensued.  The crowd is also good.  It's a mix of hipsters and preppy types, with the preps probably taking the majority, which suits me just fine.  This place is sort of where you go when you graduate from Dorians, aka: fun.

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