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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years News

I spent the majority of my two-week break from work doing absolutely nothing.  The one exception was my trip to DC to visit some of the coolest girls I know: my roommates from college.  Aside from the fact that I was suffering from a debilitating hangover for the entire bus ride there due to some serious partying at the Artist Formerly Known as Prince concert, the trip was amazing from start to finish.  You know you're with great, true friends when you can pick up exactly where you left off, which is exactly how it is with these girls.

Once we moved past the hangovers, we headed to Georgetown to meet up with Alex, reminisce about college, and grab a few drinks.  Liz had chosen The Tombs as the meeting spot.  It was the perfect, casual, saloon-y place.  The drinks were cheap and the atmosphere fun, so although we went with the intention of just having one or two drinks, the next thing you knew, we were singing along with whatever the dj was spinning and closing down the bar.

Relaxation was the name of the game on New Years Eve day in order to prepare ourselves for the night ahead.  We started the evening with apps, drinks, and a drinking game set to the game Apples to Apples.  If you've never played Apples to Apples, I encourage you to do so.  And trust me when I tell you it is more fun if you've got a little buzz goin.  Then it was off to the Westin for a few hours of open bar only to leave us shocked upon realizing that last call in DC is 1:30 AM, much earlier than the 4 AM I've grown accustomed to in NYC or even the 2 AM we know in Georgia.  The Westin was fun, but I think we all agreed we're over the all inclusive hotel/bar thing.  It's all about the apartment party.  What can I say, we've turned into big kids.

I found DC to be cute, clean, and an all around perfect place to spend New Years.  Welcome to 2011, everyone!

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