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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sun vs. Seafood

After spending hours upon hours at the beach yesterday, we decided to take a break from the sun.  Well, it was more like Dave decided I needed to give my pale skin a little time out.  There's only so much my fair complexion can take.  We opted to watch the much talked about Inception over watching me get sunburnt.  I'm still thinking about the movie.  Was the top falling over or was it still spinning?  How many dreams within a dream within a dream were there?  These are tough questions and it was a confusing movie but thankfully, we went in with full bellies so we didn't worry about being distracted by hunger.

Before the movie, we stopped by my favorite CT summer spot, SoNo Seaport, for some fried seafood outside (don't worry, my pale skin was protected from the sun's rays by an umbrella).  I always order the same thing: the softshell crab sandwich, and today was no exception.  However, this afternoon's meal was better than usual because this time I decided to start with the seafood bisque.  It was filled with tons of different types of seafood and the base wasn't overly thick/creamy, so it didn't seem weird eating a cream-based soup in the middle of summer.  I also stole one of Dave's fried clams and it was yummy enough to make me think about changing up my order next time.  If you're ever in the CT area and in the mood for a summery snack, head to SoNo Seaport.  I may not have spent the day laying on the beach, but sitting on the deck overlooking the water comes in at a very close second, and I'm sure my albino-style epidermis was thankful for the rest.

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