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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Munching at Milos

I'm going to tell it like it is right now.  Work is HARD.  We are super busy which means everyone is putting in some long hours, stressed to the max.  In my opinion, the best way to relieve stress is with a great meal, which is why I headed out to a nice lunch with some coworkers once we got everything in the office under control.

Milos, a Mediterranean restaurant specializing in fish, is easily one of my favorites in Midtown, which is why I can't believe I was so irresponsible as to not blog about it before.  If you work in Midtown, this place is a must because they have a phenomenal $25, 3-course prix fixe lunch.  They graciously give you four choices for each the first and second courses and two choices for the dessert course.  It's nice to have so many options on a prix fixe menu, but I don't need so menu choices because I always order the same thing:

  • Course #1: Meze Plate - Heaping portions of fava bean hummus, taramosalata, and tzatziki served with cucumbers, olives, a pepper, and a mini spanikopita.  Ridiculous.  Do not pass this up.  Every dip is amazing.  The tzatziki is unreal.  I had no idea they could make yogurt this thick. 
  • Course #2: Loup de Mer - Sea bass served with broccoli.  The fish was light (necessary after the heavy first course) and the broccoli was nice and buttery.
  • Course #3: Usually, I go for the berries but our waiter did such a good job describing the honey walnut cake that I was swayed.  I'm glad I tried something new, particularly because the lavender honey ice cream was delicious.  It tasted light purple.
The meal was as good as ever.  Actually, this time it was better because we sprung for an extra appetizer for the table.  After sitting down, we noticed a server placing an impressive structure on a neighboring table.  After our waiter described the Milos special - a tower of lightly fried, paper thin rounds of zucchini and eggplant surrounding more of that luxurious tzatziki and garnished with cubes of fried cheese - there was no way were were turning back.  Bring it to us now, we said.  It came to the table looking like Jenga for veggies.  If all kids were told they could topple a tower of "chips", pick them up with their hands, and dip them in some of that yogurt, they would all eat their veggies.

After a meal like that, work worries...what work worries?

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