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Monday, August 16, 2010

August Astroturf Soiree

I recently carpeted my patio with astroturf and figured that was as good a reason as any to throw a party, so I set up a bar, donned a party dress, and got to cooking.  By the time we were ready to head to the bar, every crumb of food was gone and we had made a serious dent in the liquor, so I'm deeming the party a success.  Here's a rundown of the menu:

  • Potato wedges.  Matt was impressed by how crispy the potatoes were.  He asked if they were fried in duck fat.  They weren't, but I took the fact that he thought they could have been as the highest compliment.  I served the potatoes with - count 'em - two dips:
    1. Curry mayo
    2. Truffled ricotta (thank you Whole Foods for this delicioso spread, it made my mouth happy)
  • Prosciuotto/asparagus bundles
  • Grilled corn, cremini, and shrimp quesadillas.  Made with two cheeses (jack and fontina) and served with pico de gallo and avocado
  • Lemon artichoke tapenade, artichoke, and steak crostini
Of course, all the food tasted better because we were eating on my impossibly green astroturf.

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