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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Go Fig

Last night we wanted to eat in the neighborhood before heading out, but where to go?  Thus began the impossible quest to find a good restaurant within a five block radius.  It's not like there aren't great restaurants in my 'hood, it's more that when it comes time to pick one, nothing perfect ever comes to mind and we suddenly become super picky people. 
What about this one?  We ate there last week.  Here?  Nah, too heavy before going out.  And the excuses go on...
Finally, after consulting menupages (because after two years in this apartment I seemed to suddenly forget every restaurant nearby) I remembered that Fig and Olive was right around the corner.  Done.  Lucky for Dave, Restaurant Week has been extended so he got his first taste of the wonder that is the $35 prix fixe.  He started with the steak tartar (very good), moved on to the scallop and shrimp paella, and finished with the chocolate pot de creme.  I opted out of the Restaurant Week menu and started with the cucumber and pink peppercorn soup (served with a little open faced cucumber sandwich) and then had the sea scallops with truffle artichoke tapenade.  The scallops were the best dish of the evening.  They were served atop the tangy tapenade and topped with shaved mushrooms, pine nuts, and a sweet aged balsamic.  The flavor was on point.  You'd think two appetizers wouldn't be enough to satisfy me.  I didn't either, that's why I made sure we started the evening with a cheese plate.  Not the best cheese platter I've ever had, but it's still a plate of cheese.  You can't really go wrong.

They accidentally brought Dave the wrong entree at first and in addition to being incredibly apologetic, they brought an extra desert (shortbread topped with marscapone, strawberries, and a dab of chocolate).  It was the perfect bite to end the meal.  It's always nice to see a restaurant own up to their mistakes and correct them.  Fig and Olive proved to be a great date place, but I also love it for a night with a gal pal when you can have a drinkypoo (or two) and share the crostini and other apps.

From dinner, it was off to Chelsea for a little pregame at Em's apartment.  I loved having a time to digest before heading to the bars, but it wasn't long before we decided it was that time and hopped in a two second cab to the West Village where Diablo Royale was the watering hole of choice.  The bar area in this restaurant isn't huge, but it's fun.  Make sure you order a Michelada when you're there.  It's basically a Mexican bloody mary.  I'm not totally sure what's in it, but I know there's beer, lime, hot sauce, maybe some tomato juice and tequila?  Whatever it is, it's tasty and served in a nice large glass.  I woke up on Friday morning craving a fun evening.  It was all I thought about all day at work.  Now that it's Saturday morning (or early afternoon) and I've taken in my current state and surroundings, I've judged that such a night was realized.

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