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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 11/9 Episode

Once again, it is Cotillion time for our GG social butterflies.  While this ball did not quite live up to those of years past, it was a fun, drama-filled evening.  But don't think the grads are going to let their mini-mes have all the fun.  Now that they have gone to college, they are partaking in even more grown up debaucherous behavior.  And now, onto the recap of this week's Unanswered Questions...
  • Could it be?!  Are the GG writers reading my blog and taking my thoughts into consideration?  They must be because after my complaining, Jenny appeared last night with makeup of normal proportions.
  • Speaking of Little J, if she's supposed to be the new Blair, who's her Serena?  Blair, while a tad Mussolini-esque, was always grounded by her true best friend.  Now that Eric's not taking the job, all Jenny has is her tribe of lackeys.
  • A kiss?!  That's all we get from the big, controversial, parental outrage-feuling threesome?!  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was a little more than that.
  • Who else noticed that Kyra was the daughter from Spanglish?
  • Have any of the wardrobe stylists ever been to a deb ball?  The girls wear WHITE ball gowns, not jewel toned, mermaid cut frocks. 
  • A low, messy chignon and a draped dress...has Serena actually turned into her mother?
  • It is well into the evening when Serena decides she "must" tell Tripp she was quitting. Does she even believe that lie she's telling herself?
  • What makes Jenny immune to the whole uniform thing? At least show us some semblance of a plaid skirt.
  • ANSWERED QUESTION ALERT:  Camp Suisse is real!  When it came up during the whole Aaron Rose mistake, I was slamming GG writers for such an awful, cheesy, unimaginative fake name for a camp.  But after hearing about it again in this episode, I decided to do a little research, which led me right to their homepage.
  • I just went to the Kandinsky exhibit and found it nowhere near sexy.  Did I miss a wing at the Guggenheim?
  • When do we get to see some Queen vs. Queen catfight action?  Now that we have confirmation that hierarchies exist at the other private schools, I want to see the claws come out.

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