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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 11/2 Episode

As always, this week's episode left me scratching my head a bit.  The biggest unanswered question, of course, was posed during the sneak peak of next week's episode: who will the threesome be?!  But before we even begin to wrap our heads around that doozy, let's focus on this week's politically scandalous episode...
  • What was supposed to be embarrassing about the Bathroom Boy story?  It's definitely not something I'd go to great lengths to hide from my boyfriend.  Come on GG writers!  You excel at scandal and intrigue and this was all you could come up with?!
  • What was it about Jenny that looked so good in this episode?  Ohhh I get it, she came down with swine flu and is therefore not wearing all that makeup.
  • Are we supposed to believe that Olivia went on Jimmy Fallon again 2 days later?  No celeb is that in-demand.  Or maybe Jimmy Fallon's show is just that bad...hmm this one's a toughie.
  • Glad Serena got wise and realized what she was doing was not a job but instead could be classified as just being someone's bitch.  But what will she do with her non-college educated life now?
  • Is it really that hard to make friends that Blair considers sticking with Brandeis after confirming her hooker status? 
  • How cute and family-like are Rufus and Lily?!  Once almost repulsed, I now find them adorable.  They're turning into the Walshes from 90210.
  • Has there been a single episode this season that didn't end with some big event? We've had a wedding, movie premier, Halloween soiree, and now...a political celebration? Doesn't exactly seem like the kind of event a bunch of 18 year olds would be dying to attend.
  • As Chuck helped resolve Blair and Serena's squabble, it occurred to me that he has become the sage of the show...but I secretly miss the old, sleezy Chuck who deep down had a heart. Am I alone?
  • Does anyone else find Tripp cute? Hopefully this flirtation with Serena progresses so we can see a little more of him...preferably shirtless.
  • Why would Tripp's wife just give herself up like that?  Doesn't she realize a man as powerful as Grandfather will simply bide his time and take her down?
  • On that note, why does Nate call him Grandfather?  It's creepy.
  • And finally, the most perplexing of all: outside of middle school, does anyone actually celebrate their one month anniversary?

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