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Monday, November 9, 2009

Move Over Disney World - Stew Leonard's is the Most Magical Place on Earth

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to a truly magical place.  You see, I already visit grocery stores and get lost roaming the aisles with recipe ideas streaming through my head like ticker tape.  Combine a supermarket with singing and dancing animals, and I can be entertained for hours.  Not only does Stew Leonard's have amazing private label brands and any food imaginable at great prices and even better quality ($5 lobster rolls anyone?), throughout the store you can be entertained by vegetable bands, wishing wells, and moving/talking animals of all sorts (see below for a pic of me pulling a rope to make a cow moo).

AND if you spend $100, you get a free yogurt (though you may already be full from the samples they give out around the store).  Sure, you could buy your own yogurt or fresh gelato and save a little money, but that wouldn't be nearly as much fun.  And let's face it, when it comes to food, it's not that difficult for me to spend a hundred smackaroos.

Another bonus: all meat and dairy products are acquired from their own nearby farm, so you get to support the locals.  If interested, you can watch live video feed of the beautiful bovine at various places in the store.

A friend once told me she went to Stew's on a first date, and I found myself jealous.

Upon my return to this wonderland, I was on a mission to pick up the ingredients for a fabulous, fresh Sunday supper.  We started with an appetizer of lamb chops (a Mama Smiles fave) and a salad.  Next up was the main course of stuffed mushrooms, roasted potatoes, and island teriyaki pork tenderloin.  Unfortunately, we did not have dessert as I am operating under the pretense of trying to be healthy...but it's ok because I satisfied my sweet tooth with some of the yummy, free frozen yogurt at the end of the shopping trip (caramel and pumpkin flavors).

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  1. Wow, that guy you're with is attractive. Wait...that's me!



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