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Monday, November 23, 2009

In the Lions' Den

Once again, we decided to head to 218th St. to watch the Columbia Lions attempt to play football.  We used the grills provided in the tailgating area to cook up some burgers with alpine cheddar and hot sausage.  We brought our own pre-mixed Firefly and lemonades but before cracking those open, we made sure to take full advantage of the free beer provided in the tailgating section.

The stadium was surprisingly packed for the last game of the season.  Of course we bring our own fun wherever we go, but it always helps to have a good crowd.  Pumping up the crowd once again was the band.  This time, many of the boys in the band decided to come in their best clothes...their best girls' clothes.  I can't say why there was cross dressing, but it certainly kept things interesting.  Again, the band decided to entertain us with their own cheers, my favorite being "Kill kill hate hate murder murder mutilate."

I still maintain that if more New Yorkers knew about this surprisingly fun activity in their own backyard, they would be flocking to the stadium.  Don't worry kids, the 2010 season is only about 9 months away!

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