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Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Reads

  1. A Comcast agent spent 20 minutes trying to dissuade customers from cancelling service.  Listening to the recording is actually painful.  I cringe.  Comcast is embarrassed but also stand by their aggressive retention tactics.
  2. I get how a visit to a concentration camp could be a powerful experience - so moving you would want to document the moment.  Unfortunately, I do not think Instagramming a smiling selfie at Auschwitz is not the proper way to do so.  In an age where we are never without our cell phones - which are our cameras - we need to develop a more polite way to record serious events.
  3. At first, it seems as though impulsiveness (the desire to act right now) and procrastination (the desire to act later) are opposites, but those traits may actually share genetic material.  One guy has compared behaviors of identical twins to those of fraternal twins to prove it.
  4. 100+ scientists worked together to map the genetics of schizophrenia.  That's some serious teamwork.  They have been able to identify 108 spots in our DNA that link to the disease - 83 of which were previously unknown.  This is a big step towards treating the disorder.

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