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Thursday, July 17, 2014

3 on Thursday

I spent my weekend partying it up at Rebekah's wedding and am still in awe of how perfect the entire event was.  I am so happy for Rebekah and Alex and know they have a beautiful future ahead.
Background: The most amazing chupah I have EVER seen.  It looked like an enchanted forest.  I watched as the florist's six person team built the entire thing from scratch.  It took them six hours to arrange every branch, orchid, moss patch, and tealight.  It was very labor intensive but worth it because it was breathtaking.

  1. While we were primping on Friday after the rehearsal, my cell phone rang.  I answered it to realize it was Rebekah calling from the other side of the nail salon.  She realized they did not have menu signs for the signature cocktails and asked if I could help out.  I take my bridesmaid duties seriously so I sprung into action and and ran to a few stores to pick up picture frames and card stock.  I wrote out the signs on the day of the wedding while I was waiting for my hair to set.  If you've ever been a bridesmaid, you know there can be some awkward downtime day-of so I enjoyed having a little arts and crafts project to keep me busy.  It may have seemed like a last minute add, but having the signs on the bar to describe the signature cocktails (one to match each of their flavor preferences) and the official wedding hashtag was a nice personal touch.  This couple thought of everything.
  2. The decor for this wedding (at Guastavinos) was stunning.  It was full glamour.  Rebekah and Alex didn't really want to have a sweetheart table so instead they had one very long table at the end of the dancefloor for them, the wedding party, and their plus ones.  I've never seen a 32 person table but I liked it.  It was just another way to continue sharing the experience with the bride and groom and kept the mood light and fun.
  3. Rebekah arranged for all the girls to get their hair and makeup done by a legit glam squad.  I asked for big hair and major lashes.  Loved it.

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