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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Sad days.  Whiskey River, the fratty cabin of a bar in my neighborhood is no more.  But wait!  As Albert and I walked past recently, we noticed the dark door was suddenly open...and there was life inside!  The atmosphere is totally different.  It's no longer made to feel like a lodge and a bar lines the length of the front area, making it feel narrow and more like a hideaway.  There is almost nothing to signal the name of the place except for a sign dangling high above the bar so we stood in the street looking around ourselves for a minute before figuring out it was called Albion.

The decor is seriously boring.  Cheesy medieval-esque sconses hang on the wall and there is nothing special about the tables or booths.  BUT there is a garden area in the back that makes up for the bar's lack of decorative flair with natural light.  There is also a huge list of craft brews - 30 on tap - that will entice any beer lover.  They all ring in at about $7 but are only $4 during happy hour, which lasts until 8 PM every day.

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