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Thursday, July 10, 2014

3 on Thursday

This past weekend included 4th of July in the city, a rager of a birthday party in Connecticut, and then margaritas back in the city on Sunday night.  It certainly felt like summer with lots of good time vibes.  This weekend should be just as packed with fun since it's Rebekah's wedding weekend, which is shaping up to be quite the classy Manhattan affair.

  1. I love movies in general, but I also really like that living in a community like New York City affords me the ability to see small independent films I wouldn't get to see if I lived elsewhere.  Lately, Albert and I have been enjoying these indies at small, intimate theaters like the Angelika.  We recently saw "Supermensch," a documentary about legendary manager Shep Gordon (his life - wow) and this week saw "Snowpiercer," in which the US has frozen over and the only survivors are those who boarded a train that serves as a 20 car microcosm of all society.  Both are worth a watch.
  2. On Sunday Albert and I went to Captain's Cove, a marina in his hometown.  There is a large, two story restaurant on the premises and all of Bridgeport seems to go there on Sunday in the summer to dance to live music, play cornhole, and eat baskets of fried seafood.  It reminded me of my favorite place in Savannah, which is something I very rarely get to say up here.
  3. I thought my 4th of July party would attract 15-20 guests but wound up with about 40.  I felt so popular!  The best part was that I had some special guests.  I get to see my cousin Amy often since she lives here in the city, but her sister Natalie was up for a visit so I got double trouble.  My cousin Aaron was also in town so our fam was in full force.  We are a super close and tight-knit bunch so I was over the moon to have them there.  

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  1. Snowpiecer sounds really interesting! I'll have to check it out.



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